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Mosquito Control Services in the Interlake, Eastern Interlake , Winnipeg/Steinbach, Kenora, ON & surrounding areas

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Mosquito Control

What We Do And How It Works for Mosquitoes

Sunset Spray Inc provides effective treatment for insect control in the Interlake, Eastern Interlake, Winnipeg/Steinbach, Kenora, ON & surrounding areas

Upon arrival to your property, our technicians will access the area that will given you and your family optimal protection from the nuisance of mosquitoes. Our product is encapsulated and will stick to the area where we spray giving residual control allowing up to five weeks of protection. Your backyard deck is our starting point . The Technion’s will spray in an arch which fall on the grass and trees forming barrier of protection. It is not a fog that will be taken away with the wind. Mosquitoes are knocked down and controlled immediately during the application process. Our product is a synthetic form of the chrysanthemum flower and is not harmful to yourself, the environment or pets.

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