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Spider Control and Spiderweb Prevention Services in
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Licensed and experienced technicians provide free estimates and specially designed treatment plans to eliminate insect that threaten the interior or exterior of your residence.

Do you have a persistent spider problem?

Whether you are an arachnophobe or simply have too many spider webs on your buildings, nobody likes having creepy-crawlies in and around their home. Here at Sunset Spray Inc, we specialize in the removal and prevention of spiders and their webs to give you and your family peace of mind.

Protect your property from eight-legged insects.

Spiders are unwanted guests in most homes. They can bite, and their webs create an unattractive and unnerving mess. You don’t have to live with the job of removing spider webs each day because of those nasty spiders. Call Sunset Spray Inc and enjoy the outdoors!.

Our friendly and experienced staff can help!

Sunset Spray Inc is a family-owned business with over 1,800 annual customers. For nearly a decade, we have been helping homeowners in the Interlake Region area keep their buildings spider web free. Our company motto is, “We’re only as good as our last job done!” Every job is another opportunity for us to prove ourselves, so you can expect the technicians who visit your home to be courteous, professional, and thorough. Our insect treatments come with a full one year guarantee, so you can feel secure that you are in good hands. For more information about our services, please check our “Residential” page or give us a call. Ask us about discounts for our annual maintenance plans!

Our Process.

When you call us to help control the spiders on your buildings, our first step is to remove the spiders that are there right now. We start by brooming off any spider webs on the exterior of your home, then lightly wash the exterior surfaces. Once your home exterior is cleaned and free of webs, we apply our safe, non-staining formula that keeps spiders away. This treatment prevents spiders from making webs on the exterior of your home and keeps them from coming inside. This service comes with a full one year guarantee – if you notice spider webs returning after a major rain storm, just give us a call and a crew will come out to clean and respray the area, completely free of charge!

How much does it cost?

We work hard to keep spider control affordable, and our pricing is based on the square footage of the building. For example, a standard 1000 square foot bungalow can be treated for as low as $184/year. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for your property if you give us a call.

Sunset Spray Inc offers a 3 month or 6 month payment plan option at no additional cost.

Save money with a maintenance plan!

When you sign up for our three year maintenance plan, you will receive a 20% discount from the baseline price. This allows us to distribute the initial cost of the brooming and washing over the three years, making it easy on the pocketbook! We will schedule your property to be sprayed each year; there is no need to call for an appointment.

Mosquito problems? We’ve got you covered!

If you hire Sunset Spray Inc to treat your Interlake Region home for spiders, we can also provide an additional service of applying a mosquito barrier for your yard. Nobody likes mosquito bites – ask us about our optional mosquito treatments!