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Sunset Spray Inc., Pest Control, Grand Marais, MB
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Environmentally friendly effective extermination in Kenora, ON

Sunset Spray Inc provides Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. This is a knowledge-based approach to managing pest problems. The IPM approach helps prevent and control pests while having the smallest negative impact on the environment possible. An example of this would be to advise customers not to place firewood against or close to their homes.

When a chemical treatment is done, we use a product whose chemical structure is based on a natural pyrethrum, but is a synthetic, man-made insecticide that was developed to match or exceed the effectiveness of the natural pyrethrum. The natural insecticide Pyrethrum, loses its effect quickly, Permethrin gives a longer lasting effect that can help decrease the impact on the environment, because the number of times an application is required is lessened to sustain the desired effect.

Fully licensed, insect control specialist promotes the health and safety of Kenora, ON clients.

Sunset Spray Inc treatments will safely protect you and your property from spiders and mosquitos, and allow you to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space once again! Regular seasonal visits are provided for optimal insect control throughout the year. For more information on insect control contact us for a free consultation.